Project Director

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8 Aug 2017



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  • Establish and monitoring the Project Master Plan & staffing for each area of project, and arrange for assignment of project personnel. 
  • Identify and attract a suitable investment partner including setup of partnership plan, therefore review funding applications to determine time frame, funding limitations, required procedures for project realization, staffing requirements for each phase of the project and the subsequent allocation of resources to respective project phases
  • Identify and attract potential source grants for project funding
  • Facilitate all required activities for land acquisition and oversee development of land usage and infrastructure planning
  • Ensure quality in execution of Environmental and Social Impact assessment
  • Oversee project budget and ensure financial accountability of the zone development project
  • Outline work plan to assign duties, responsibilities, and scope of authority
  • Establish staffing for project phase and arrange assignment of third party personnel as well as Company Business Units (in alignment with respective SBU Heads)
  • Supervise consultant work, project partnership coordinator and all staff assigned with planning and administrative tasks
  • Ensure efficient project management and adherence to project management and execution standards 
  • Plan, direct, coordinate, and lead all activities required during each phase of Muse project development to ensure that objectives and milestones are accomplished within budget and timeline
  • Identify potential project planning and execution risk, define, evaluate and implement mitigation measures, compile and monitor project risk inventory 
  • Develop and review project status reports prepared by project personnel and modify schedules or plans as required
  • Prepare and review project reports for presentation to Executive Committee and regional Partnership
  • Interaction with project personnel to provide technical advice and to resolve planning and execution hurdles 
  • Coordinate activities with governmental organizations, private sector business interests, non-profit and educational institutions and consultants 
  • Coordinate with the consultants on public relation and communication including external presentations, press releases and online media
  • Cooperate with local, regional, state and national agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and private sector business to ensure alignment and involvement of stakeholders required to facilitate desired project progress
  • Oversee and evaluate safety risk and status as reported by field management and ensure development and communication of emergency plans
  • Plan and oversee execution of all required marketing and sales activities to ensure early and continuous engagement and investment of customers

Key Areas of Accountability 

  • Business Development
    • Identify and attract investment partner for Muse Zone development
    • Provides leadership and guidance in all aspects of the investment cycle
    • Design and implement all marketing and sales activities required role for attraction of customers for Muse investment zone
    • Support sales team in order to achieve marketing and sales targets
    • Grow long-term relationships with clients and capitalizes on equity and partnership opportunities
  • Financial Management
    • Set, align and meet revenue and other financial targets
    • Develop sales forecast
    • Ensure meeting of budgeted financial and operating targets
    • Forecast revenue, profitability and all required financial and operational parameters for Muse development
    • Consolidate, analyze and report financial and operating performance
    • Manage and engage in negotiation of contract pricing
  • Communication
    • Ensure provision of all required information required by top management for early involvement, mitigation and decision making
    • Promote Muse project through participation and presentation at industry conferences or with local business organizations
  • Technical Understanding 
    • Understand implications of different technical solutions and offerings including ability to provide most suitable offering for client
  • Compliance responsibilities
    • Provide and maintain understanding and adherence to applicable regulation and compliance standards
    • Disclose potential conflicts of interest among company and other project stakeholder
  • Internal Operations
    • Review status reports of Project Managers and Senior Managers and address issues as appropriate
    • Lend expertise to internal teams and task forces
    • Enforce standard policies and procedures
    • Appropriately manage and mitigate of labor conflicts while ensuring involvement of Human Resource department when required

  • Degree in Architecture/Construction Building/ Real Estate or related disciplines 
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
  • 20-30 years practical experience in large scale property development and project management, preferably in the field of industrial zones
  • Experience in development of commercial parks or industrial zones 
  • Experience in planning and managing processes
  • Good understanding of industrial zone development and applicable business models
  • Strong experience in land acquisition, CSR/ESIA, JV partners relationships and Financial Analysis
  • Good knowledge of building regulations, legislations and government policies relating to property development, Road, Infrastructure, Telecommunication infrastructure, Public Relationship and media management
  • Experience in partnership management and investor attraction
  • High capabilities in marketing of industrial plots to potential customers
  • Strong coordination, media management, public relationship and interpersonal skills
  • Planning ability, capacity to deliver on plans and to work independently
  • Leadership qualities advantageous, strong self-motivation a must
  • Ability to multitask and to work effectively under pressure
  • Strong communication skills
  • Behavioral capabilities: problem solving, strong interpersonal skills
  • Good level in spoken and written English