Strategic Planning Officer

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Date Posted:

8 Aug 2017



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  • To direct and manage activities of Strategic Planning function,such as Institutional Analysis & Planning, developing and recommending budgets and long-term plans to GM. 
  • To develop and manage in consultation the process for providing data support for policy formulation and planning decisions.
  • To undertake market research for Wood base products and identify potential acquisition targets in the relevant sectors. 
  • To support the business units 5 year strategic planning objectives using market data and insight into long term trends. 
  • To undertake business units analyze and define market requirements and gaps to support new product development opportunities.
  • To take external market data, internal sales information, sales performance and macro trends to build scenario plans for Company.
  • To facilitate in planning and implementation of the Integrated Timber Industry Project development tin Myanmar.
  • To advocate and present a strong and solid proposal to the policy maker within the government.
  • Strong communication skills and has the ability to co-ordinate with senior management, interdepartmental and Government Authorities
  • The ability to find additional pertinent data sources and innovative ways to generate insightful data. 
  • Strong analytical skills. 
  • Able to organize and methodical work to deadlines.

Key Area of Accountability

  • Business modeling
  • Business planning for 5 years
  • Business presentation to BoDs 
  • Implementing of new business operations
  • Dealing with government
  • Achievement of target profits & timeline

  • Relevant degree in business 
  • Master degree (preferred)
  • Minimum 10 years Experiences in managerial level of Timber Business or Timber Industry with the proven record of success.
  • Experience in a global environment.